Category List Badge Guidelines

The category list badge is awarded to companies who have achieved the top scores in a designated category such as industry, location or demographic group.

Category List Badge

In the US market some category lists are in partnership with media and have special badges. These are:
  • Fortune Best Workplaces for Aging Services™
  • Fortune Best Workplaces in Health Care & Biopharma™
  • Fortune Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance™
  • Fortune Best Workplaces in Manufacturing & Production™
  • Fortune Best Workplaces in Retail™
  • Fortune Best Workplaces in Technology™
  • Fortune Best Workplaces for Diversity™
  • Fortune Best Workplaces for Millennials™
  • Fortune Best Workplaces for Women™
  • Fortune Best Workplaces in the Bay Area™
  • Fortune Best Workplaces in New York™
  • PEOPLE Companies that Care®
Forune List Badge
There are also lists that are exclusively published by Great Place to Work US:
  • Great Place to Work’s Best Workplaces in Consulting &
    Professional Services™
  • Great Place to Work’s Best Workplaces for Parents™
  • Great Place to Work’s Best Workplaces in Chicago™
  • Great Place to Work’s Best Workplaces in Texas™
GPTW List Badges

List Badge Alignment & Spacing

The category list badges have been designed in this square format with the Great Place to Work® logo placement in the bottom left corner. The top half of the badge is where list titles and list names will be typeset. The bottom right corner is reserved for country names and year.

Grid Alignment

Grid Alignment2

Clear Space

Clear Space2


The grid shown in the above example displays the minimum area to be kept clear from any graphics or other interference. This area is directly related to half the height of the box container (x) and surrounds the brandmark at the furthest point on each side.

Pairing with Company Logos

Partner logos should either be placed to the right of the list badge and centered vertically, or placed above the list badge and centered horizontally.

Single Pairing Horizontal

Artboard 1 copy 34

Single Pairing Stacked

Single pairing stacked Ex 1


Use national or category list badges on your social media channels to promote the success of your business. Please use the proper image placement on top of images as seen below.

Twitter Post

Twitter Post3

Do not flush badge

Do not place badge flush against image border. Pay attention to clear space requirements.

Use national or category list badge in your email signature.

Email Signature Ex.2