National List Badge Guidelines

The national list badge is awarded to companies who have achieved the top scores in a designated country.
The full blue box coloring indicates a national list badge.

National List Badges

In the US market the national lists are:
  • Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®
  • Fortune Best Big Companies to Work For™
  • Fortune Best Small & Medium Workplaces™

US National List

List Badge Alignment & Spacing

The national list badges have been designed in this square format with the Great Place to Work® logo placement in the bottom left corner. The top half of the badge is where list titles and list names will be typeset. The bottom right corner is reserved for country names and year.

Grid Alignment

Grid Alignment3

Clear Space

Clear Space

The grid shown in the above example displays the minimum area to be kept clear from any graphics or other interference. This area is directly related to half the height of the box container (x) and surrounds the brandmark at the furthest point on each side.

Badge Usage

To maintain consistency throughout our identity application it is essential that our brandmarks are never altered in any way. Please keep in mind that the integrity of the Great Place to Work® brand is diminished when the brandmarks are used incorrectly. It is essential that all of our brandmarks are always reproduced from the master artwork.

Do Not

Do not alter color

Alter the color, or use any other non-approved colors.

Do not rotate

Rotate or create any dynamic composition with the national list badge.

Do not outline

Add a stroke or outline to the mark or interior type.

Do not add drop shadow

Add a drop-shadow or outer-glow to the national list badge.

Do not remove container

Remove the type from its container or alter the container color.

Do not stretch

Stretch or alter the national list badge type or container.

Do not alter shape2x

Alter the containing shape of the national list badge.

Do not skew

Skew or put the national list badge on any kind of perspective rendering.

Do not tile

Tile or create any type of pattern with the national list badge.

Do not modify

Alter or amend the language on the national list badge.