Grantek Systems Integration

Grantek Systems Integration

Updated July 2018.


Employees say this is a great place to work

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Grantek is a provider of integrated automation, safety and IT solutions within the manufacturing industry. We deliver solutions that help our clients achieve operational excellence, increase their return on investment, and reduce time to market through improved manufacturing productivity and product quality.

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Company Culture at Grantek Systems Integration

The employee experience below at Grantek Systems Integration, compared to a typical company.

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93% of employees at Grantek Systems Integration say it is a great place to work compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

  • Grantek Systems Integration
  • 93%
  • Typical Company
  • 59%

Source: Great Place to Work® 2019 U.S. National Employee Engagement Study

Management is honest and ethical in its business practices.
People here are given a lot of responsibility.
I believe management would lay people off only as a last resort.
Our executives fully embody the best characteristics of our company.
People here are willing to give extra to get the job done.

Why Work at Grantek Systems Integration?

See what employees say about what makes Grantek Systems Integration a great workplace. These words are drawn from employee comments on the Trust Index™ survey.

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