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Embark LLC

Embark LLC

Updated June 2021.


Employees say this is a great place to work

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About The Company

Embark is a new kind of business advisory firm. We make life easier for Finance, Accounting and Technology leaders, and their teams, by solving their most complex problems with forward-thinking solutions and inimitable hospitality. Our goal is to allow busy clients to think less about work and more about what’s most important to them – families, soccer practice, vacation. We do this by finding difference makers who love what they do and supporting their whole human development - emotional, physical, spiritual, social, psychological and professional - empowering them to execute excellently for clients and thrive outside of work.


176 U.S.-based Employees


Financial Services & Insurance

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Company Culture at Embark LLC

The employee experience below at Embark LLC, compared to a typical company.

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95% of employees at Embark LLC say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

  • Embark LLC
  • 95%
  • Typical Company
  • 57%
Management hires people who fit in well here.
Management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders.
People are encouraged to balance their work life and their personal life.
We have special and unique benefits here.
People here are willing to give extra to get the job done.

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See what employees say about what makes Embark LLC a great workplace. These words are drawn from employee comments on the Trust Index™ survey.

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