Blue Collar Greatness: For All Leadership Lessons from the Trenches

What are the best practices for reaching employees doing blue-collar work in fields such as construction, manufacturing and transportation? Do the same approaches that work in tech firms and consulting businesses apply in blue-collar settings? How do these organizations face the complexities of being distributed across the United States or the globe? How are For All Leaders building trust with employees in fields that are expected to transform dramatically through automation in the years ahead? And what lessons do blue collar Best Workplaces offer for organizations in very different industries?

This session offers insights and practical takeaways for organizations with plenty of blue-collar employees and those with none. Led by Sarah Lewis-Kulin, Great Place to Work Vice President of Best Workplace List Research she is joined by Jerome D. Jackson, General Manager Pipeline & Terminals-West Region of NuStar Energy, Ryan Groesbeck, Sr. Terminal Operator of NuStar as well as Karen Carter, CHRO and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer with Dow Chemical Company.

Learnings from this session include:

  • Learn about the unique challenges facing blue collar organizations, including a highly distributed workforce
  • Hear how leading companies are navigating the disruption and opportunities of technology advances, and how those affect blue collar employees
  • Discover the ways For All Leaders in industrial fields are maintaining and building trust, and the lessons these leaders have for companies in very different arenas