Well-Being For All: Why Well-being is so Critical for your Organization

Given the pace and complexity of change, the demands on our attention and the resulting increase in stress levels, our world requires a new leadership style and organizations in the race for talent can’t risk not creating a sustainable culture for their people. When PwC leadership discovered that many of its people didn’t feel it was possible to have a healthy lifestyle and be successful at the firm, the professional services giant launched “Be well, work well.”

The initiative is designed to support PwC employees in pursuing strategies that help them have the energy they need, stay healthy, be present and enjoy their work and lives. The firm already has been investing in employee well-being via key milestone and leadership programs -- and there have been grassroots efforts in many offices. PwC capitalized on these proven successes by scaling the key lessons and actions.

So how did the company launch this program to 50,000 partners and staff? PwC leaders asked everyone to take an Energy Audit. It then launched a firmwide habit challenge encouraging people to commit to two new daily habits and to integrate them into their routine. PwC received over 5,000 team plans, covering nearly all of its people.

In this presentation DeAnne Aussum, Leader of PwC’s US Leadership Coaching Center of Excellence, shares findings from PwC’s journey to date, how it is supporting well-being at all levels, and why supporting ‘zen’ isn’t just about your people, it’s about your business too.