Episode 1

Brittany Howard

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Make strategic business decisions with Emprising

Hear how Great Place To Work’s employee survey platform yields the data and insights you need to make more strategic business decisions, improve employee experience, and build a great place to work for all.


“Through research and many years of studying what really matters in organizations, Great Place To Work has decoded what really makes a difference.”
Josh Bersin, HR Industry Analyst

Measure more of what matters to you

  • It’s easy to create a survey as unique as your business.
  • Get feedback by department, manager, location and more.
  • Take a snapshot of your people with quick and easy pulse surveys.
Employee Survey Heatmap

Unlock insights you need to take action

  • Emprising’s people analytics tools are powerful and intuitive.
  • Slice and dice results with heatmaps, demographics and statement breakouts, employee comment analysis and more.
  • Track significant changes over time with Trending.
  • Download customized data spreadsheets, employee comments and more.
Workplace Data

See how you stack up against the Best

  • Get the most accurate benchmark data in the industry.
  • Compare your culture to our Best Workplaces™ for Women, Millennials Diversity and more.
  • Measure your results against the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®.
Employee Survey Benchmarking

Emprising™ is trusted by thousands of the World's Best Workplaces™

Empower your people with Manager Access

  • Managers make or break your employee experience. Show them the impact they're having with Manager Access.
  • Easily give your managers access to their results and analytics tools.
  • Empower every leader to make data-driven people decisions.
Human Resource Manager

"Everyone has employee feedback data at their fingertips through Emprising™ Manager Access. It creates a foundation for us to have data-based discussions around the things that matter most to us. And, it gives us a quantitative way to measure the success of the actions we take."

Katelyn Gendron, Great Place To Work® Program Manager, WEX

"We use the Great Place To Work® Emprising™ platform to survey 30,000+ team members around the world. We like that regardless of your skill level, it's easy to use, it interfaces with our platforms, and we can slice and dice the data any way we need to."

Pam Meiners, Senior Director, Recognition, Hilton

"We really like Emprising™ because it enables you to customize the survey, get your team members' honest feedback, and gives you data that you can work with. It is easy for our team members to use, but has enough meat to it that it is actionable."

Mary Curtin, SVP of Administration, 4imprint

In a scary world, your data is safe with us

  • Keeping your survey data confidential and safe is job one.
  • Emprising™ is built to the highest GDPR security standards:
    - European Union 2016 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    - California Consumer Protection Act of 2018 AB 375 (CCPA)
    - US/EU and US/CH Privacy Shield
    - Full details in our Privacy Policy
  • Great Place To Work® is the trusted advisor and partner to the world’s largest multinational corporations in 60+ countries.