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Horizon Pharma plc
  • Lake Forest, IL, US
What employees are saying
There's an inherent understanding of employees personal situations and the company is tremendously vigilant about keeping everyone safe and healthy.
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Horizon Pharma plc Photo
  • South San Francisco, CA, US
What employees are saying
I see more opportunities being given to those who may have attended little to no college, which I believe is a wonderful thing.
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Genentech Photo
  • North Chicago, IL, US
What employees are saying
They care about our work-life balance. When something important of a personal nature comes up, leadership is supportive and encourages family-first.
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AbbVie Photo
Neurocrine Biosciences
What employees are saying
Neurocrine truly cares about their employees, about the patients out there who we want to have a better quality of life, and our community
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Neurocrine Biosciences Photo
United Therapeutics Corporation
  • Silver Spring, MD, US
What employees are saying
Care at the top truly does trickle down. Even if they don't have a personal relationship with you, they are appreciative of your hard work.
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United Therapeutics Corporation Photo

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10x Genomics
What employees are saying
You are heard as a part of 10x. Management always drives your contributions up and looks towards ways to best support you in your role.
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10x Genomics Photo
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc
What employees are saying
Innovative ideas and initiatives are always encouraged. 90% of my ideas have been positively accepted, implemented or on their way to be implemented.
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Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc Photo
Revance Therapeutics
  • Newark, CA, US
What employees are saying
Everyone is very welcoming and willing to work together. I’ve never felt like I didn’t belong.
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Revance Therapeutics Photo
  • Kenilworth, NJ, US
What employees are saying
Benefits increased this year in response to the pandemic and I feel incredibly supported - child care, elder care, mental health support and more.
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Merck Photo
Harmony Biosciences
What employees are saying
The company maintains a supportive, inclusive and collaborative culture, while also incorporaing "fun" into its way of working.
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Harmony Biosciences Photo
Entasis Therapeutics
What employees are saying
Great family feel, amongst the employees and management. The CEO knows my wife and kids names and asks me often about how they are doing.
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Entasis Therapeutics Photo
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Deerfield, IL, US
What employees are saying
I am extremely proud to work for Takeda and feel that the management is always transparent, encouraging and supportive of employees.
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Takeda Pharmaceuticals Photo
Novo Nordisk Inc.
  • Plainsboro, NJ, US
What employees are saying
They live what they say. The patient is at the center of what we do. I firmly believe that leadership operates in good faith when it comes to people.
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Novo Nordisk Inc. Photo
Dermavant Sciences
What employees are saying
Company culture is a priority. It's felt in every aspect of the employee daily work life; there's a lot of attention being paid to building community.
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Dermavant Sciences Photo
Honeybee Health
What employees are saying
I've never been so happy at a job. I feel heard and respected as a female voice.
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Honeybee Health Photo
What employees are saying
The leadership and management team at Alector is, by far, the most approachable and welcoming management team that I've encountered.
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Alector Photo
Cabaletta Bio Inc
What employees are saying
Amazing culture, that reflects the CEO and senior leaders. It's authentic, transparent, and driven to succeed, yet very caring and supportive.
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Cabaletta Bio Inc Photo
What employees are saying
I believe they really do listen when they ask for feedback. When they've asked for opinions and feedback they incorporate it when they can.
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Lundbeck Photo
Vetoquinol USA
  • Fort Worth, TX, US
What employees are saying
I am given resources and flexibility for personal time to meet personal objectives and help Vetoquinol meet corporate objectives.
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Vetoquinol USA Photo
Boston Pharmaceuticals
What employees are saying
Everyone is valued and all people are treated with respect regardless of level or role. I feel like we are truly in this together.
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Boston Pharmaceuticals Photo

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