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Week in Review

Week in Review

Workplace Culture

If you’re on information overload, we’ve taken some of the work out of figuring out what deserves your attention. Below are some of the best articles we’ve stumbled upon this week on the topics of workplace culture, employee engagement, and the employee of the future.

Proactivity vs. Loyalty: The Dimensions of Employee Engagement

This quick synopsis gets you everything you need to know from a new research study by SHRM, Cass Business School, and Cranfield Management School. The study identifies four dimensions of employee engagement: employees engaged in their jobs, but not hard workers; employees engaged in the company, but not necessarily their jobs; employees engaged in their jobs but not in the company; and employees engaged in the organization but not exactly loyal to it.

Would you design your employee engagement initiatives differently, if you used this enhanced paradigm to understand your employees?


The Empowered Employee is Coming; Is The World Ready?

By John Hagel, Suketu Gandhi and Giovanni Rodriguez for Forbes.
If phrases like “the postdigital enterprise” drive you batty, this may not be the article for you. But if you are curious about how the current jobs crisis, the adoption of new technologies, and a consumer-centric culture, are converging to demand that employers adapt, or suffer an endless cycle of cost cutting and job cutting, you will find this a good read.


Don't Dismiss Your Gen X Talent

By Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Along with tentative news that the US economy is starting to rebound comes the news that 37% of Generation X workers are looking to leave their employers within the next 3 years. With the “Reality Bites” generation at the prime of their careers, can you really afford to let their talent walk out the door? Here are some tips on how to maximize the potential of these free-thinkers.