Where Can I Meet Other Company Culture Leaders? 2020 Summit.

Where Can I Meet Other Company Culture Leaders? 2020 Summit.

Planning for the 2020 Great Place to Work For All Summit is in full swing. We’re busy reviewing feedback from last year, analyzing data that we would like to share and coming up with a program of great speakers that we know will inspire you. But what sometimes gets lost in the promotion of the event is how much value there is in simply coming together with others who have similar roles. These people face similar challenges and know what it’s like to fight for culture at their companies. There’s a lot to learn from the people who sit next to you in sessions and brush past you in the hallways.

We know that networking is often the most valuable part of conferences. In fact, August Capital’s David Hornick famously helped launch an elite ‘unconference’, arguing that you don’t learn anything from PowerPoint presentations. He argues that the conversation in the lobby is the content. His event is called The Lobby and it has become a key event for many in Silicon Valley.

While we happen to think that there's a lot to learn from our Summit sessions, the truth is that some of our proudest moments have occurred over lunch or during breaks as we sit back and let you talk among yourselves about the amazing programs you’re building and the obstacles you’re facing. We have witnessed how generous people are with sharing advice and best practices or just encouraging words to keep fighting the good fight. While it’s not surprising, it’s a privilege for us to see how this group comes together as a community and how real friendships are formed in just a few days.

So if you’re looking for reason to join us March 3-5 in San Francisco, and early-bird pricing isn’t doing it for you, here’s why we think you should come: Your Peers.

Here's who came last year:

  • 45% are senior management; 84 CEOs attended last year's Summit as did 183 EVPs, SVPs, AVPs or VPs

  • Half of our attendees are in HR, Learning and Development or Organizational Development roles, and the other half are made up of Diversity & Inclusion, Marketing and PR, and other business leaders--we've got everyone who cares about company culture, leadership, innovation and business results in one place!

  • 500+ companies are represented in our audience

  • Top countries outside the US include Canada, South Korea, Mexico and Brazil

  • Companies who sent the most people include EY, Synchrony, Cisco, and Workday, to name a few

  • More than 50% of companies in attendance are Great Place to Work-Certified Companies.

We hope you can join us and be part of the conversations happening in the hallways, the lunchroom and our amazing social events!

Katie Van Geffen