Hidden Pieces of the D&I Puzzle

The conversation about how to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations is missing crucial pieces. They are hidden, ignored based on our biases or difficult to see. But recent research by Great Place to Work and our partners at Harvard and the Wharton School has uncovered these surprising puzzle pieces. Using Great Place to Work’s data set—the world’s largest on workplace culture with some 11.5 million employees represented—we identified the three key “Rs”: the importance of restructuring events on inclusion; the way D&I is vital to thriving in a recession; and the fact that one in eight employees declines to reveal aspects of their identity—which effectively blinds organizations to serious challenges.

In this presentation learn about these once-hidden, ultimately hopeful puzzle pieces, and to discuss how to apply these insights at your organization. The workshop includes short presentations on best practices from successful D&I leaders. The session is led by Great Place to Work's Sonya George, Vice President of Client Solutions, and Bendik Wilhelmsen, Senior Implementation Consultant. 

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Learn about the “hidden pieces” of the diversity and inclusion puzzle    
  • Develop a stronger business case for D&I and learn smarter strategies for building a For All culture    
  • Discuss and make a plan for how to apply the hidden pieces at your organization for greater diversity and inclusion and a For All culture.