Move Your Leadership Forward: The For All Trust Mindset Workshop

Do you have a nagging feeling you could be a better leader for your team? That you could reach more of your people, and do a better job of bringing out their best? These challenges might just be in your head. In your mindset, that is. Your mindset around trust. Great Place to Work research on the most inclusive, effective leaders, combined with recent brain science and the growing shift to agile, decentralized, purpose-driven organizations all point in the same direction. Leaders seeking to build high-trust, equitable cultures need a particular consciousness today: what we call a For All Trust Mindset. They need to extend trust widely and deeply. And they need to focus inwardly, practicing personal awareness so they can truly connect with others.

This experiential workshop will help you learn about and practice a For All Trust Mindset. The facilitators are Lorena Martinez and Ed Frauenheim, two Great Place to Work experts and learners when it comes to leadership, trust and how organizations are evolving. Lorena and Ed invite you to step out of your comfort zone, to try listening more intentionally, and to move your body. No joke. This session begins and ends with a thematically integrated dance party. You will literally move your leadership forward, one limb at a time. 

Learnings from this session include:

  • Build an understanding of the mindset around trust called for in today’s volatile, complex business climate
  • Practice extending trust further and deeper and with greater awareness, especially through the skill of listening
  • Dance your way to better leadership