Reflections, Connections, New Directions: An Experiment in Peer-led Conversations

We know learning comes from challenging the known, trying something different and exploring with others. For this workshop we tried something different. This session gave everyone the chance to reflect on and discuss what they were discovering while at our Summit in small groups. Everyone picked their topics of interest, and through conversations with peers each individual turned their inspiration into deeper learnings and concrete plans for when they eturned to their organizations.

The session was facilitated by Great Place to Work® experts in group discovery and insight. Claire Murphy, Head of Customer Success and Laurie Minott, Senior Strategic Advisor & Partner have both guided executive teams to develop and implement effective culture change strategies for their organization.

We know change is difficult, development takes time and innovation is complicated. Taking the time to slow down and actually reflect on all the content is an amazing energy boost.

This session's learnings include:

  • Learning how to connecting with peers with similar interests and passions
  • Developing plans to take your work and your organization in new directions